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Taking on a new challenge

I know, I don’t blog often enough. This isn’t because I don’t have enough to say, as anyone who knows me will testify, it’s mostly because I have been very busy with work, moving house, and training for the Brighton Marathon (sponsor me!)

This blog post is about the first of those things that generally keep me from blogging, work. I love my job, I get to do amazing things like this:

And work with some awesome people. Nokia’s been through one hell of a transition in the last couple of years, it’s something I am proud I am part of and am sure the experience will serve me very well in the future.

Old Nokia logo

Now a new challenge has presented itself within Nokia and from the 2nd of April I will move out of the global social media team and start as Head of Digital Marketing and Advocacy for Nokia Europe. I’m excited, very excited, its a big and exciting job, in a new team with new challenges and responsibilities.

I am proud to have done such great work with some great people as global Editor in Chief, hopefully this is the start of something else I can be proud of.

But first: I have a marathon to run, will blog more after that, promise.


New opportunities

Friday was my last day as “Senior Presences Manager” at 1000heads, it has been great working with the ‘heads and we have achieved a lot.

That said opportunities like the one I have been offered recently do not come along very often, so on Monday I start at Nokia as their “Global Editor in chief” for social media. I am under no illusions about the challenges that lie ahead, both for the company and for me personally, but I have worked with Nokia for about 2 years now, as a ‘head and before, and I know the amazing underlying strengths the organisation has, I’m excited about what the social team at Nokia can achieve and looking forward to working with some very bright minds who really “get it”.

Nokia HQ courtesy of Slashgear

For those of you who are wondering: I will still be based in London, for now at least, so no Helsinki or Espoo bound relocation just yet…

Oh and if you are planning to attend Nokia World 2011 I will be there, so come and say hello!