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Taking on a new challenge

I know, I don’t blog often enough. This isn’t because I don’t have enough to say, as anyone who knows me will testify, it’s mostly because I have been very busy with work, moving house, and training for the Brighton Marathon (sponsor me!)

This blog post is about the first of those things that generally keep me from blogging, work. I love my job, I get to do amazing things like this:

And work with some awesome people. Nokia’s been through one hell of a transition in the last couple of years, it’s something I am proud I am part of and am sure the experience will serve me very well in the future.

Old Nokia logo

Now a new challenge has presented itself within Nokia and from the 2nd of April I will move out of the global social media team and start as Head of Digital Marketing and Advocacy for Nokia Europe. I’m excited, very excited, its a big and exciting job, in a new team with new challenges and responsibilities.

I am proud to have done such great work with some great people as global Editor in Chief, hopefully this is the start of something else I can be proud of.

But first: I have a marathon to run, will blog more after that, promise.


New opportunities

Friday was my last day as “Senior Presences Manager” at 1000heads, it has been great working with the ‘heads and we have achieved a lot.

That said opportunities like the one I have been offered recently do not come along very often, so on Monday I start at Nokia as their “Global Editor in chief” for social media. I am under no illusions about the challenges that lie ahead, both for the company and for me personally, but I have worked with Nokia for about 2 years now, as a ‘head and before, and I know the amazing underlying strengths the organisation has, I’m excited about what the social team at Nokia can achieve and looking forward to working with some very bright minds who really “get it”.

Nokia HQ courtesy of Slashgear

For those of you who are wondering: I will still be based in London, for now at least, so no Helsinki or Espoo bound relocation just yet…

Oh and if you are planning to attend Nokia World 2011 I will be there, so come and say hello!


A day things changed…

That was today.

This evening I planned to write a post about my Dad, as it’s fathers day and all, that would have been easy, my Dad has taught me a lot and I use those lessons in my job every day, from how to sell, how to act, how to manage I could write quite a few actually…

Then today I was thinking about what I want my blog to be, I have been writing a lot recently having planned to write one post a day from the start of this month, but almost everything has come back to work, business, marketing and social media. These are all things that I am passionate about but not things that define me, today I considered renaming my blog, I considered writing more about computer games and reviews of them, maybe more about my challenges with my health (few know I am a type 1 diabetic with 1 kidney) but ultimately these were all just vague thoughts that come back to a greater issue in my life at the moment:

Recently I have been way too focussed on work

Not a really bad thing, I am young and I like my job, but I have no external focus or goal, what I mean is I have focussed on work to the detriment of other areas of my life, my physical health mostly – I have been eating badly, sleeping badly and lacking in exercise, which for a diabetic is not a good thing at all. I want to stress This is not my employers fault it is mine, I was doing a similar job last year and I ran 2 marathons…

But today that all changed: Dad called

As so often in life it takes a shock to the system, to really drive a personal change, it did for me today, this evening Dad called me and told me my oldest cousin has seen a return of the cancer that has affected her in earlier years, not good. I didn’t really react at first, I don’t know how in those kinds of situations, I think I just said “shit, OK” and that was it.

I carried on with my evening and it was only much later that everything fell together, my cousins misfortune placed my minor concerns about my life firmly in perspective and drove me to take action, I need a challenge, I always do, and I need to feel like I am doing something, so I have rolled all this together and come up with a crazy plan and to get there I had to go…

…Back to the moleskin:

In late 2008 my then girlfriend broke up with me, I reacted in typical fashion by taking some time out and climbing Kilimanjaro.  While up there I wrote down a series of plans and thoughts and kept a diary, I have  never written any of it up or even revisited it seriously since, until now.

One of the ideas was to cycle across Europe from North to South, from Hammerfest in Norway (the most Northern town in continental Europe to Tarifa in Spain, at the other end, a total of about 3350 miles!

So next year I am going to do that!

I’m putting it in writing now, Next year I will cycle from North to South across Europe to raise money for a cancer charity of my cousin’s choice. And as a warm up this year I just went online and signed up to the London – Paris cycle in September:

Again I will be raising money for a cancer charity, more details to come.

I have decided, I am not going to sit here and mope about getting out of shape or spend any more time with too much of a focus on work, I am not going to take my current health for granted, I am going to use it while I have it to do some crazy stuff and raise some money for a good cause. Something good might even come of it, and this blog will be telling you the story, I haven’t cycled for about 2 years, so this will be fun!

My challenge is nothing compared to that my cousin has to face, getting over something like cancer and it is almost shameful that it took something like that to spur me into action…

You see: today was a day that things changed.

And I do have to mention my Dad here, he is the one who has, from a young age, instilled me with the positive attitude that gives me the confidence, mental strength and desire to take on these challenges, he is also the one who keeps me involved in all the family stuff and who has taught me that deep down I do need to put family first, even though I sometimes don’t do my fare share and am admittedly not the best cousin, brother, son or anything, often too distant or focussed on myself.

Thanks Dad, you’re the best.

And good luck Sarah, you will get through this, I know you will. 

Automated DMs on twitter

“Thanks for following me! It’s really nice to meet you! I look forward to seeing your tweets!” – A typical auto DM…

There are many AUto DM tools out there and here are a few of my favourites.

The thing about auto direct messages are they are the only tool that can, without fail, get me to take an instantaneous action: to unfollow whichever account sent me one.

It is amazing that people who work in marketing, comms, PR and mostly “social media” think it is appropriate to use a faceless, lame auto DM to try to start some kind of conversation is ridiculous! I have already followed you, don’t ruin it now.

The really stupid thing is that the accounts sending me these auto DM’s are, often, not SPAM accounts or fools or even misguided brands, they are real people who often tweet interesting stuff and can even be nice to talk to, so why are they using these tools? – I don’t know, do you?


For me it doesn’t come from here:

It comes from out there:

So get away from your desk! We are lucky enough to live in an era where we can escape the office, do it, you will be inspired, you will do better!




Running a phone over with a bus…

Yeh, this is what I call work, a bit old now:

But this year I got to go to CTIA with my Nokia duties and so I took one of these and ran it over, it wasn’t pre planned and although I had done my best to make sure it didn’t break (placing it face up so the screen didn’t get cracked on the tarmac and checking there weren’t any particular stones to focus the pressure I was a little nervous, as it was being filmed by a blogger, Dennis from WAPReview, cool guy!

Anyway the risk paid off and we got some amazing content which has now had over 40,000 views on YouTube… #win

Doing things a bit different

I haven’t blogged for almost 3 months, that isn’t good in one sense, it means this blog looks a bit dry and not many people visit.

So I will be blogging a lot more now, I plan to publish 1 post a day, taking my inspiration from a chat I recently had in Florida with the awesome Ms Jen!

I will also be blogging shorter, my posts up to now have normally been large diatribes or angry rants on a subject, more a thesis than anything else, but as I look at the way I read other blogs I realise that I don’t read long posts, I read the summary and the list, not the detail, so I plan to write things I will want to read… So expect more short, sharp and regular blogging.

And expect some weird and wonderful inspiration from contemporary design, modern art, Enlightenment & C19th philosophy and well whatever else I stumble across..