About me:

Hi, I’m Tom,

I’m a 20 something guy who lives in London, I’m the Head of Digital Marketing and Advocacy for Nokia Europe and love it. There are enough blogs out there around digital marketing and to be honest, this is not special, I am not a leading thinker, not a “guru”… But I work in this space, I have an idea of what’s bulls**t and what isn’t and I write from my perspective calling it as I see it.

Where I’ve been:

I have been lucky enough to speak at some great conferences including A study on the changing nature of “social” photography thanks to Getty, Social Media in Payments thanks to Eurasian Insights and Chinwag’s Facebook Marketing Conference (for two successive years) along various panel discussions at Social Media Week with a link to a recent one here and here if you’re interested! More recently I’ve spoken at two different events about social media in the banking and payments industries, an interesting growth area.

In video:

If you have an aching desire to see me on film who am I to deny you:

And here:

Some background:

After a degree in History I started my career in sales. This was an awesome grounding for me, it taught me to understand people, numbers and the bottom line value most businesses are looking for… I managed to end up selling for a company called Rainmaker that “sold” marketing agencies for them (ironically most are not too good at doing this themselves), so learned a lot about, well, everything, from design to branding to digital disciplines, mostly flying by the seat of my pants talking to senior agency and business people. This is where I met Market Sentinel, an early player in social media monitoring… I quickly realised that this was the future, and ended up working for 6Consulting, now part of Radian6. Great times in those early days of social media, again I was figuring it out as I went but worked with some great people and learned a lot about NPS scoring, 6-Sigma and LEAN process improvement and how business worked!

1000heads picked me up from there, I met Nokia, we did great stuff like this:

Disney / Nokia: Tron social engagement from 1000heads on Vimeo.

and like this:

The Nokia Gift Machine from 1000heads on Vimeo.

Oh and this:

So that’s me… Now I work directly for Nokia, it’s fun. I also work with the great social enterprise Enfuse Youth as a member of their Senior Advisory Board, helping great guys do more great work to inspire young people across the UK!

I’m also a type one diabetic but that doesn’t stop me doing stuff, I ran 2 marathons last year and climbed Kilimanjaro the year before that + I’m planning other adventures such as cycling across Europe and climbing mountains so I will also be blogging about my adventures and plans and whatever random ideas cross my mind…

Disclaimer: The views on this site are my own, they do not represent those of my clients or employers.

If you would like to contact me feel free to tweet me on @tommessett or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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