An Open Letter to Riccardo Webb

Dear Mr Webb,

In recent weeks it has become obvious to both of us that our prank war is escalating, escalation in a prank war of this type can get ugly, and so I have decided to insure myself against such ugliness. I do not intend to ever find my desk covered in llamas again.

Now Mr Webb, how do I insure myself against such actions? Well this is how: I used my GoDaddy account to buy your name all over the internet. I now own 14 different versions of RiccardoWebb.[whatever] or RiccWebb.[whatever]. I quite literally own your name.

Right now Mr Webb you are probably wondering what I might do with such ownership, well, should the need arise I might deploy this deterrent, using my skills as a digital marketer and attempt land these pages as #1 through #14 search results on Google, for example.

Now, this would all mean nothing without a demonstration so here is an example of what all these pages could look like, so here one is: Enjoy.

Please consider this purchase of your name as a deterrent, the nuclear option if you will. Should you choose to continue with the current escalation of this prank war, I will use this deterrent.

And before you get on GoDaddy yourself remember: I have covered all my own domains.

Oh, and for kicks I took @RiccardoWebb on Twitter as well.

Your move Mr Webb.


2 responses to “An Open Letter to Riccardo Webb

  1. Mother Fucker….its oooown! 🙂

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