Content is still king

This is a short and easy post for me…

Since I have been blogging, both for coroprate brands (agencies and multi-nationals) and personally, I have come upon a really simple fact: If you want your blog to get more hits you have to produce more content, more content = more traffic, more engagement.

Obviously that content has to be of reasonable quality, but posts do not have to be long, or complex, just regular.

So that is it, next time you need to figure out “how do I get more hits on my blog” think about the volume of content your producing… This is, of course, not the only way to gain more hits and can only get you so far (you need to look at SEO, PPC, social signposting etc. too)


3 responses to “Content is still king

  1. Thank you. I’m consistent. More content and more content runs the risk of quantity over quality though. Long as it’s quality then great.

  2. Provide me with some advice with bringing in traffic from twitter. I know none of my followers personally. Is that it? Should I pick 10 and get to know them?

    • You’re right about consistency, that is good, for twitter yes it is about knowing people, just talk to them, have conversations, have a tweet deck search for relevant content your interested in and find people who talk about it and try to get to know them, otherwise produce interesting content to tweet about, so people want to read it!

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