Dear Jaguar and MG, you’re doing it wrong

Yesterday, like many red blooded males in the UK, I watched the new series of Top Gear, and like many of the aforementioned red blooded males I drooled over this:

Courtesy of Octane Gossip

The Eagle Speedster, a £500,000 modern take on the iconic Jaguar E-Type.

Now what is interesting here, from a marketing perspective, is that a small East Sussex based company are doing this and not Jaguar themselves… And I don’t mean Jaguar making a £500k concept to prove a point I mean going down the Mini / Fiat 500 road and actually re-making the classic.

OK so am I touching on the sacrilegious here? Jag re-make the E-type? I don’t think so, it would only be sacreligous if it was crap or expensive, if it was like the original, a super sexy, chic, alternative to a prancing horse while undercutting the price it would be an insane hit! And it’s not like it would take much design effort, Eagle have done it for you, just make it! (Yes it is easier said than done, but so was the original E-Type, and they did that!)

Now for MG:

MG’s comeback car was released recently, the MG6 GT it only got a cursory mention from Clarkson and co, bad news for a comeback for the once great MG! But here is the problem: What does new MG stand for? No one knows, they are still batch building the dodgy TF and now they come out with their comeback, MG the brand formerly great for lightweight convertible sport cars, with a great racing pedigree, the brand which still (in their new ad campaign) reference the iconic Midget, so why the hell release a boring, average looking, saloon? That is not something for me to get excited about!

Instead: re-make the midget, or similar, do something sporty and different, turn some heads, make it good! Then follow up with the boring saloon that Dad buys remembering his youthful lust for the Midgetesque roadster!

I dunno, I feel the new MG is a disappointing shadow of it’s former self, I hoped the new owners would come out with a revolution, not a badged up Chinese saloon (might as well be a badged up Rover like the last 10 years?!) Jaguar are doing good at the moment the XF is awesome and the XK is pretty but the E-Type is still an opportunity!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if MG released some kick ass 2 seater roadster which looked amazing, something to rival the MX5, maybe not as quick or balanced or reliable but something so good looking and iconically MG that it took the limelight and sold some cars, even if they sold a very limited run below cost and made it super awesome, just to bring MG back into the collective consciousness as a marque!


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