5 ways to combine your Facebook page with your ATL

All the best examples of “social media marketing” are really, as much as anything, great examples of integrated marketing, it is social content, and cool social content at that, combined with ATL, TV spots, paid digital even PR etc. The recent Bing-Jay-Z example I posted about and the obvious “Old Spice” stuff are great examples for various reasons.

But most brands are doing it wrong, here is why:

  1. How many brands do you see who stick a FB logo or twitter logo on their ATL or TV spots, OK, so I know you are there, but I don’t even have a URL, how can I find your official page (most big brands have 1000’s of “unnoficial pages, no bad thing) and by making it harder work for me you reduce the action rate!
  2. So you have put up the URL but not given me a reason why I should follow, brilliant… What’s the incentive, if you want me to look at the page I better have a reason to go there, this is simple marketing in every respect!
  3. The URL is hidden in the corner out of the way, brilliant lets stick some tiny FB logo on a huge tube poster, here is a great example: 
    Can you spot the logo, it is hidden in the bottom left almost below the border, brilliant!
  4. No SEO or PPC, If I want to find out about a brand I probably Google it, simple really, so if you are spending all that money on FB ads and “sponsored stories” then it might also make sense to put some into Google Ads to drive traffic that way, a great, cost effective signpost, Lynx did this really well with their “Angels” campaign
  5. Not doing it at all… Look, integrated marketing works, so please do this stuff, your campaigns will be more successful
That’s it, easy really…

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