Perfect is the enemy of good

Nothing we ever do will be perfect, in anything, don’t try to be.

We use the term too loosely nowadays, we use it as a descriptor for almost anything, “oh that’s perfect” can mean anything from “yes that time works for me for that meeting” to “good coffee” to “good timing” but it is rarely ever used to mean  “completely free from faults or defects” – it’s dictionary definition

Anyway, my point is that in marketing, and in many industries too many people spend too much time criticizing, eg: telling each other why other peoples work isn’t perfect and too much time trying to make everything they do perfect.

The results of these 2 things are that one: We end up with a lot of negativity caused by putting down other peoples work, or holding it up to a lofty and un-achievable ideal. And two: We end up losing momentum on our own projects or over complicating them in the contrived pursuit of perfection.

I am not saying don’t do your best, or try to make everything you do awesome, and I am not saying don’t criticize, it is important for many reasons, I am saying: When you see a great piece of work appreciate it as great, don’t over think it or search for a fault straight away, just enjoy it… And when working on your own projects don’t seek perfection, seek the following:

  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Cost effective (do not read as cheap)
  • Quick to market
  • Quick to improve
  • Disruptive
And so on…
All these things make something, be it a product, service or campaign good, not perfect, but that’s not what I am driving at, and yes those are very general categories but hey, this is a pretty general brain dump of a post!

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