How to get 40m hits on YouTube

Many people have many “tricks” or tips or ideas on what makes a good video and what makes it “go viral” and pick up some insane number of views, I am sure no small part is luck… There are lots of things you can do, you can throw paid media at it, you can “seed it” to key influencers in key communities and you can even build custom YouTube skins and clever engagement ideas around (or even within) the video.

But one sure fire winner is a talking animal:

40m views, need I say more.

So that’s it, next time you want a huge “viral” video hit, just find a dog and make it look like it’s talking, easy.

But seriously: All they have done here is made it cute, made it funny and made it relatable, anyone with a dog could tell you “that could be my dog” and anyone who loves dogs will find this funny and share it. So funny and relatable for the win


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