More bands jumping on the social media erm… Bandwagon

A couple of days ago we all found out that in a social commerce experiment The Kaiser Chiefs are letting their fans create their own versions of the album and make money by “selling” their versions, while this is an interesting experiment in social commerce it is very risky and I suggest it is more a stunt before a proper iTunes album release, see more here.

Now we have Swedish band “Junip” taking an interesting but different approach, they have taken to crowdsourcing their next music video via a YouTube contest

They have uploaded the track to YouTube, see it below, and all you have to do is upload your video response for a chance to win:

They are not the only band taking this road, Panic at the disco is working with a new service called Viddy, a mobile app based video sharing service in the vein of Instagram, see their plan below:

So here is my question: Why are the bands doing this, all of the above, is it a genuine desire to disrupt, to allow creative talent to shine and to do something new, or is it a stunt, a competition and build some buzz?

Probably a little of both, I’m not saying either is a bad thing but I am getting a little tired of everything people do in social becoming transactional. By that I mean everything is a competition or a “we do something for you and you get something in return” anything from “make a video for our band and win some stuff”  to “sell our album for us and make a pound”, what happened to all that talk we used to have about becoming a “trust agent” as Chris Brogan would put it, about being in the conversation etc. I dunno, this is really a whole other post but I feel that by becoming too transactional we are losing our way a little bit… Do you agree?


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