Some thoughts on email signatures

The Economist has taught us recently that the “legal disclaimer” mumbo-jumbo at the beginning of email signatures is all pointless, however I very much doubt this will stop most companies including this crap at the bottom of their emails.

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But this got me thinking about email signatures, for many b2b organisations (including marketing agencies like my own) email is one of the most regular touch points you have with your clients and your prospects as such the email signature could and should be an important part of communicating your brand and an important touch point, can we use this cleverly? Or at least consistently…

Many companies don’t use signatures consistently at all, some have many different templates floating around internally, many of their employees won’t use the signature regularly. Other companies will get it in one respect (they will all use it and it will be consistent) but miss an opportunity, you see that non legally binding legal mumbo jumbo could actually be an opportunity, here are a few ideas how:

  • Hide something in the mumbo-jumbo, a hidden URL a message a joke, something that will drive people to a location, that gets them engaging with your brand
  • Turn the legal mumbo-jumbo into a long running joke, maybe change it to a new joke or funny story each month, make it people look for and look forward to
  • Convert a message into code (binary or some such thing) and put that at the bottom instead of the legal bit, have it convert into something cool

I am sure there are loads of other ways to play on this and I am sure 99% of people won’t notice, not straight away anyway, but the idea is to turn a useless piece of legal crap at the bottom of an email into something people want to engage with and share. 


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