The bubbles we work in

It is easy to get very caught up in work and keeping abrest of the ever changing social media industry, doing so can actually make your life harder, not easier:

I have talked before about how we live and work in various bubbles, at work I talk about it a lot. So on the train home I got my notebook out and, due to a lack of the evening standard or a book, I drew a few diagrams to show how they effect the way we work and think, and the problem it can have, particularly with an echoey business like marketing and social media:

The common bubbles:

This is how a lot of people in my industry look (I use social media as that is the industry I work in but, well, you pick yours)… Most inspiration comes either from work, from the industry “best practice”, magazines, leading blogs, etc. or, occasionally from personal experience and personal life. The result of this is 2 fold:

  1. You can become introspective, your organisation is a big bubble and that is a problem, what people internally find cool and interesting can be very different from what your customers find interesting
  2. You can become un-original, it is easy to become a me-too brand or a me-too manager, someone who goes into a meeting and says: “we need an idea like …” or “Can we do something like … did last week”
Thats all bad. So we all need to invest in expanding our bubbles:

The ideal bubbles:

A lot more on show here, I guess the idea is to have a lot more to draw from, more places to go and look for that spark of inspiration that drives the creation of something truly awesome.

The point:

So not a complete set but this is just the sketch of an idea, the point is that our creativity and our way of thinking is limited by the bubbles we live and work in, the more bubbles we burst and the more people we interact with the more we learn about, well, everything.  Knowledge is not only power but it is creative juice! It creates originality, it breeds interesting ideas and it makes work more fun. Search out contemporary, relevant and creative knowledge by searching out different bubbles and bursting them (metaphorically of course).

Any thoughts?


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