Getting back on the street

I came across this video from John Jay last week about the creative process:

What really struck me about it was 2 things:

1) As a creative director at a large (and very creative) agency I expected this guy to talk in a very different way, more flamboyant, more buzz words more WOFT, I was very pleasantly surprised that he seems down to earth and to the point!

2) He makes a brilliant point: “Most CEOs would gain a lot by getting back on the street and getting an understanding of how young people think today and not just simply have consultants feed it to them through decks of strategy and research.”This is so important and applies to everything, you can’t really get something unless you have really experienced it, it’s one of the great failures of research and insight, particularly social media insight and social media monitoring… Sure you can buy a tool or pay an agency to give you numbers and tell you what is going on in the social space, but in my opinion you gain INFINITELY more value by actually taking that 20 minutes you could spend reading a powerpoint and actually going and having a look yourself, less scientific, yes, but more real, less sanitized.

But beyond social this applies everywhere, it is always fun to watch those TV programmes where the boss goes undercover on the shop floor then makes a load of changes to policy aferwards, but why wait for a TV show, just do it, just go wander into your stores and look to see what they are doing well and where they are failing.

If you don’t have stores, go see your vendors, go talk to your customers, run ideas past your mates, I dunno, be creative!

But get out of the ivory tower (or cubicle, or laptop) and see the world, you will be better because of it!


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