Doing things a bit different

I haven’t blogged for almost 3 months, that isn’t good in one sense, it means this blog looks a bit dry and not many people visit.

So I will be blogging a lot more now, I plan to publish 1 post a day, taking my inspiration from a chat I recently had in Florida with the awesome Ms Jen!

I will also be blogging shorter, my posts up to now have normally been large diatribes or angry rants on a subject, more a thesis than anything else, but as I look at the way I read other blogs I realise that I don’t read long posts, I read the summary and the list, not the detail, so I plan to write things I will want to read… So expect more short, sharp and regular blogging.

And expect some weird and wonderful inspiration from contemporary design, modern art, Enlightenment & C19th philosophy and well whatever else I stumble across..


2 responses to “Doing things a bit different

  1. Yay! Some of my favorite blogs are the generalist or whimsy blogs where the writer blogs on whatever catches their fancy that day.

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