Don’t launch a campaign on a Friday!

Simple. Just don’t do it! Unless that is you, and your whole team, and your agencies are prepared to work the weekend, I mean properly work, in the office, not just check the email on their phone once every few hours!

Funny enough Vodafone didn’t learn that lesson, they payed the price for their poor judgement… Their #makesmesmile campaign was quickly overtaken by protests about taxation in the UK which led to tweets like these landing on their website! Not good. They also achieved some great negative PR coverage in the Guardian for their efforts, along with some great negative tweets and blog posts.

Nice work! Launching a campaign on a Friday is always a problem, as inevitably people are slower to react (being spread out and offline, possibly hungover) however launching, as Vodafone did, on a Friday and without proper forthought is a recipe for disaser!

The lack of forethought I am refering to is the lack of thought to moderate the #tag comments hitting the page (with a HUMAN hand, not just a lexicon filter for swear words)!

So come on guys! Just don’t do it, don’t launch campaigns on a Friday unless you are ready and prepared to deal with the negative backlash on a Saturday, and don’t, for God’s sake, put unmoderated #tags on your brand’s home page. Simple.


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