House of Fraser – context of their soc med failure

I’m sure everyone is already aware of this but I just wanted to give it some fun context: about 3 months ago HoF announced that they plan to “significantly increasing social media activity to build engagement and relationships with consumers following a trial over the past six months.” – see this NMA article for more. However I am sure this is really not what they had in mind!!

What this shows neatly is how social media impacts a whole business, not just PR and marketing. I can bet this is exactly what happened: person emails HoF after poor experience in store with a link to their blog post about said experience. HoF web team receive the mail and politely respond telling her it has been forwarded to the store (so far so good) but then the pissy store manager (or some other assistant manager with no understanding of this space) gets hold of the email and thinks they can get away with leaving this anonymous comment. They get caught and end up with lots of negative WOM.

So instead of taking this feedback and making a positive business change to improve all their customers experience (read: improve the personal shopper function) they have just managed to piss someone off who has a platform to share that anger with all their friends.

Solution: make sure all your staff know how to deal with all forms of feedback (positive and negative) and that this can be used properly. Simple.

Oh and this is also going to make this guys job a lot harder 🙂


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