Dealing with Negative commentary

Just a quick post but I noticed this earlier today and I thought it was an excellent way of dealing with negative reviews on Yelp: – In short the pizza restaurant actually prints the negative reviews from Yelp and puts them on t-shirts that are then worn by members of staff!

So why is this a good idea? Well it shows confidence in the brand, what Pizza Delfina are saying is this: we know some people don’t like us and we don’t mind that, we are confident enough in our product to let them have their opinions and even have a laugh about it. In my opinion this is a great idea, some companies work hard to apologise to their detractors and engage with them, but look at where that got Southwest Airlines in the Kevin Smith Debacle, others spend a lot of money trying to push negative reviews down the search engine rankings or in hiding issues from the consumer, however these guys are saying “were not right for everyone, not everyone is going to like us but that’s fine, this is who we are” and I like that.

I am not saying that we should not engage with our detractors or try to learn from or minimise the effect of negative reviews! However many brands could learn a lot from Pizza Delfina, because no matter how good you are, you are not going to be right for everyone and not everyone is going to love you, so accept it and even better: laugh about it…

A sample picture from one of their T-shirts:


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